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How to Innovate Traditional Distillation Methods

Distillation is an invaluable industrial technique used for everything from extracting clean water from salty seawater, to extracting oil from crude. Based on boiling point separation, distillation forms the cornerstone of numerous processes – including producing alcohol spirits.

Distillation can be an abstract topic with complex chemical equations that is hard for students to grasp. Engaging them through creative activities and games in your classroom will give them a deeper understanding of this essential concept.

Boiling Point Bingo is an engaging distillation game that can introduce the concept of liquid boiling points and how they vary among different substances. An interactive way of teaching distillation involves acting out its process – assigning different roles and asking students to act out its steps; it also serves to demonstrate various parts of a distillation apparatus and their respective functions.

Virtual labs such as Labster’s Simple Distillation Simulation enable students to configure their own distillation apparatus and observe the separation process without physical restrictions or safety risks. This real-time interaction encourages active engagement in learning processes while reinforcing key concepts like boiling points and vapor pressure. Distillation has come a long way; however, further advancement can still be seen especially regarding fouling prevention in tower distillations units.