About The Original EasyStill And Our Company Avedore Trading

Company Information

Avedore Trading is located in Hvidovre, Copenhagen , Denmark.

Avedore Trading ApS
Hammerholmen 9
DK-2650 Hvidovre
VAT No: DK33381271

We are the producers of The Original EasyStill. All other stills with different names you see out there that looks the same are not real EasyStills.

The original EasyStill is a factory rebuilt water distiller for multi purpose distillation. The original EasyStill have one (slightly costly) secret that is not visible for the eye that none of the copy cats can ever figure out.

We supply all that want to re sell to good prices so there is no reason to try to copy a still that sell on its good name – except to produce something cheaper and try look as the real thing.

In short, no copy cat product have better quality – some are even dangerous to use.


Please use our re seller page or our helpdesk to contact us.  Resellers and importers are welcome.